Dr. Lawrence Marrich, Chiropractor

Thank you for your interest in our Web information. I have been in practice in Albuquerque since Sept. 1979. That is 33 years of wonderful service to my patients and our community. I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic and worked an internship in Durango, Colorado before moving to Albuquerque. Over the years I have developed my own style of practice using a combination of different spinal and extremity adjusting. Along the way I studied classical Homeopathy and used this as an adjunct to my practice.

Most importantly, I have found that patients get well quickly when I give them my full-undivided attention and listen carefully to all their clues in our conversations. The Doctor and patient form a team that together can figure out what will work best to resolve the painful condition.

I came from an artistic family, my mother was a pianist and artist, my father had a music business, and I grew up with a love for the arts. When I was 19 years old I became a certified yoga instructor and began working with people with back problems.

I experienced a traumatic back injury when I was 20 years old, which left me unable to walk for a week at a time due to the severity of pain. After several of these episodes I took the advice of a friend and saw his Chiropractor. His treatment prevented the onset of an acute episode and opened my eyes to the possibility of my learning this profession to better serve humanity.